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Urostages SIUD

17-18 February 2017 | Life science Academy, Kuwait City, Kuwait

Scientific Director: Vincenzo Li Marzi

Urostages Kuwait Photo group
Dear all,
We have great pleasure in sharing the final report of the UROSTAGES 2017 Urodynamic Course held at Millennium hotel and Conference Centre (Kuwait City) on 17-18 February 2017.
The event was an intensive two days immersion with the interested participation of 27 attendees (urologist and gynaecologists) joining the course from 3 different countries (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar) and 3 expert speakers which stimulated the theoretical and practical session as well as the final “Clinical Cases” session where selected and difficult cases have been discussed in the plenary room and examined together with the Faculty.
Most of participants enjoyed the course, although they would suggest a major involvement in practice sessions.